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Find Out About Prosper Club

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Prosper Club is to effectively teach financial education to our Members, give them the tools to change their mindset and patterns associated with wealth, while providing fast cash flow and wealth generators to truly change our Members' financial future.

The Issue
There is little or no financial education presented in our schools and universities. Many people graduate high school without even the basic tools to balance a checkbook, let alone any investment or business education. The "system" teaches us to think a certain way about money, that being, go to school, get good grades, get a good job…but that information is outdated. We can no longer afford to rely on J.O.B. ("Just Over Broke") security. With the advent of the Internet, our society as moved into a new Information Age that will require a completely different set of strategies than our parents and grandparents used in the Industrial Age.

The Solution
Financial education is vital to your future and Prosper Club's goal is to provide you with necessary educational tools and resources to increase your financial education.

The Prosper Club provides a Two Phase opportunity which is designed to increase your cash flow and education in Phase One and then automatically move you into Phase Two where you learn to build wealth while you learn the secrets the rich have been using for generations. It's time to take action!

  • To take control of your money
  • To restore financial freedom
  • To take care of yourself and your family

Join Prosper Club NOW and begin to change your financial future today!

A Powerful Two-Phase Education, Cash Flow and Wealth Generation and Asset Protection Program

Our powerful two-phase program is designed to increase your financial education and develop your cash flow in Phase One, while you automatically set aside a portion of your earning to enter Phase Two. Once you move into Phase Two you will learn more about advanced wealth principles, asset protection concepts and international wealth creation and get the products to assist you in that process, while you create yet another income stream.

What It Costs -
Membership in Prosper Club costs $350, a one-time, out-of-pocket cost that is accessible to virtually anyone!

What You Learn -
Members of The Prosper Club increase their financial knowledge in many areas in accessible, easy-to-understand language. Here are some of the topics covered in the Freedom 1000 and 2000 Reports:

  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • Safeguard and judgment proof your assets
  • Legally avoid probate and other death taxes
  • How to use international trusts, international business corporations, offshore banks and global diversification
  • And much, much more.

And you'll receive an ongoing, updated educational reports with each completed Matrix Cycle including information regarding general wealth principles that will allow you to reprogram your current thinking and spending patterns and create a new relationship to wealth. JOIN NOW!

How Does It Work?
The program is designed to give you the best of every opportunity, including the educational and cash flow/wealth building opportunities available through Prosper Club (Phase One), Prosper Leverage (Phase Two) and also other opportunities that may become available to you through your mentoring team. The Club will also provide you with other links to further your financial education through some of the best personal growth and financial educators in the field.

Here's how the Prosper Club works for you:

  1. You enter into the Prosper Club with your $350 product purchase and membership fee;
  2. You are entered into the Prosper Club 2x3 "Follow Me" Recycling Matrix at Level 1 (see the Compensation Plan page [link to Compensation Plan page];
  3. You work your way through the Matrix until you reach Level 4;
  4. You then receive payments from the Level 1 Members entering into your Matrix, all of which are paid directly to your Prosper Freedom anonymous debit card;
  5. From each payment received, you will be automatically setting aside $50 which goes toward your entry into Phase Two (Prosper Leverage), where you begin generating a second income stream, paid directly to the international trust created at the Phase Two level (entry into Phase Two is $1,000 but does not come out of your pocket, but rather it is automatic when you have set aside the necessary fees through Phase One);
  6. After three completed cycles through the 2x3 Matrix, you will automatically entered into Phase Two;
  7. At Phase Two, you will receive all the benefits of a Phase Two member (see the Products page)
  8. All your Phase One referrals follow you to Phase Two, creating a separate and secondary income stream.

The program works for you at every stage, if you simply follow our plan for success and learn the educational material presented to you.

© 2001, Prosper Leverage

ID# 41828




Getting Started
Join the Prosper Club
Your new financial life begins when you join the Prosper Club.
When you join, you will automatically:
  • Be entered into a 2X3 profit matrix that will pay you very generous commissions.
  • Receive an offshore, Maestro Debit Card (which will be used to pay your commissions)
  • Begin the process of setting up an offshore trust.
  • Receive free support and education on how to take full advantage of the offshore financial world.
Turbo charge your prospecting efforts
Set up your own Prosper Club web site and turbo charge your efforts and insure you get credit for all your hard work.( Please refer to bottom of page for details)
Activate your offshore debit card
Your debit card is activated when you cycle through the 2X3 matrix the first time. To begin this process, just tell 2 other people about the Prosper Club and have them join. Simply direct your prospects to listen in on the conference calls and then direct them to your Prosper Central web site to Join. Once you've done this, you will be forever qualified to receive commissions in the Prosper Club.
Qualify and enter the Prosper Leverage Plan
When you cycle through the 2X3 matrix 3 times, you automatically become eligible for the Prosper Leverage Plan (everyone else you introduced to Prosper Club will follow you when they have cycled 3 times). You will also continue to cycle through the Prosper Club forever, earning more and more commissions.

At the time you enter the Prosper Leverage Plan, you will receive an offshore, secure trust and access to all of PILL's powerful financial products and advice.

ID# 41828

c/o 4270 Aloma Ave Suite # 124-66K
Winter Park FL 32792 USA
Phone: 407-679-2959 Email:



FIRST NAME: ____________________ MI: ______ LAST NAME: _____________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________

CITY: _____________________________________ STATE: _________ ZIP CODE: ______________

COUNTRY: __________________________ E-MAIL: _______________________________________

PHONE: ___________________________________ FAX: ___________________________________

Program Type:
Fee Provides You With:
Prosper Reports 1000 & 2000
Freedom ATM Debit Card
To Join, You Send In:
$350 (form of payment listed below) Made payable to PILL



All payments must made payable to PILL. Upon receipt of payment the Prosper Reports 1000 & 2000 and Freedom Debit Card will be mailed to you. PILL only endorses & is only affiliated with programs specifically mentioned in this application or found on the official PILL web site at Prosper Club earnings may only be transferred into a Freedom Debit Card. Your sponsor and or upline will receive the benefit when you join; therefore PILL is not responsible for any refunds. This application is not to be altered in any way without written permission from PILL. PILL reserves the right to modify the program from time to time. Employees and immediate family members of PILL and its affiliates are not eligible to participate in PROSPER CLUB.

I hereby agree to all the Terms & Conditions of the Prosper Club and Prosper Leverage.

SIGNATURE: ________________________ DATE: _________ Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)__________

SPONSOR    ID# 41828                          OR SPONSOR'S NAME:      John A. Reed       

THE PROSPER CLUB is "Phase One" of the PILL programs. The minimum requirement after purchase is sponsoring 2 new members into The Prosper Club. Phase Two, Prosper Leverage, is a $1000 program with an international asset protection trust issued upon payment of the $1000 fee. Details on Phase Two Prosper Leverage is found on p..2 and on

The Prosper Club compensation plan pays is as follows. Of the $350 you send to PILL, this is how it is allocated:

  • $50 for the Freedom ATM Debit Card and the 1000/2000 reports.
  • $50 held for entry into Prosper Leverage until the payment of $1000 has been paid and a trust is granted.
  • $250 paid to member at level 4 and posted directly to the Freedom Debit Card. This amount increases to $300 once PL requirement is met. That means you receive $1,750 for cycles 1 and 2, and $1,800 and your trust for cycle 3, and $2,100 for each cycle thereafter, as long as you are in The Club. Sponsoring 2 people is the minimum requirement. This is a recycling, 2X3-matrix program where everyone follows his or her sponsor and everyone cycles back in underneath the slowest matrix. Faster movement is achieved by sponsoring more new members!

Visit The Prosper Club web site at

An innovative new program that promises to be the greatest marketing program yet with PILL. As in the past the product offered is the PIL trust and the fee for purchase of the trust is $1,000. Of that $1,000, $350 will payout to the sponsor and $350 will payout upline to the first qualified trust holder. The first trust holder sponsored on each level will bypass the sponsor and payout $350 and $350 upline to the first trust holder's that are qualified. Commissions will be available to you as follows; $300 will be available upon posting to the trust and $50 will be held in the trust for the purchase of a certificate of deposit with AvantGuard Bank and Trust. Upon joining PROSPER LEVERAGE for the fee of $1000 you will receive an activated trust with an opening balance of $1. All commissions earned from the PROSPER LEVERAGE program will be deposited to the trust. Once the trust has accumulated a balance of $1,200 the BENEFIT PACKAGE will be purchased for you and the first year's maintenance fees will be paid. Sponsorship of new members is a requirement. If you do not sponsor "new" members, then you won't have an active downline and therefore won't receive any commissions.

How do I qualify on level one?
To qualify for payout on level one you must sponsor new trust holders. Example; you sponsor Jim. The payout for Jim goes upline to the first two members that are qualified. Every member from this point that you directly sponsor pays you $350 and $350 goes upline to the next qualified trust holder.

How do I qualify on subsequent levels?
Let's say you sponsor four new trust holders. Jim, Pat, Tom and Sue. The first trust holder you sponsored, Jim, goes upline and you are paid on the other three. Now Sue sponsors someone. She now becomes your qualifier for level two. As your qualifier for level two all of the persons that Sue sponsors will pay upline and bypass you. This leaves you with three other directly sponsored trust holders. Any new trust holder they sponsor will pay you $350 on level two and $350 will go upline to the first qualified trust holder. This holds true for all levels from this level to infinity. The first person in your downline that sponsors a new trust holder to a new level becomes your qualifier for that level and you are not paid for the persons that they sponsor.

The BENEFIT PACKAGE consists of a personal bank account at AvantGuard Bank and Trust of Grenada and having a minimum deposit of $1000, a Freedom Credit Card with $500 line of credit and a death benefit.

The death benefit is a decreasing benefit which will return the following amounts to the trust from AvantGuard Bank account dependant on your age at the time of your demise: Under 25- $25,000, 26 to 35- $20,000, 36 to 45- $15,000, 46 to 55- $12,500, 56 to 65- $10,000, 66 to 70- $7500, 71 and over- $5000.

This $1000 is a minimum deposit to maintain the bank account and is held in AvantGuard bank for as long as the trust is active. Upon requesting inactivation and the return of the "Freedom Card" and payment of any outstanding balances the $1000 will be returned to the trust and disbursed to you upon inactivation.

The Trustee pays interest on funds in the trust at the rate of 6% per annum compounded quarterly. To qualify for the interest payment the trust must maintain a minimum balance of $2,000 throughout the entire calendar quarter. The $1000 held by AvantGuard is considered as part of the minimum balance required to qualify, however interest is not paid on these funds.

Foreign Grantor Trusts (FGT) are Trusts established by a Settlor in a foreign jurisdiction. For purposes of U.S. taxation, the Settlor cannot be an U.S. citizen, resident or taxpayer. The FGT is created and administered under the laws of Grenada and the Trustees are not located in the U.S. or its possessions. For purposes of U.S. taxation, the assets and profits of the FGT are treated as if owned by and taxed to the Foreign Settlor, and as such should not be subject to U.S. taxation, unless the assets are situated in the United States. In the case where the assets are situated in the U.S., there may be tax consequences.

U.S. citizens or residents may transfer money directly to a FGT. There are income tax benefits to the FGT in that non-U.S. citizens and residents are taxed in the U.S. only on income derived from the U.S. that is fixed or determinable such as interest, dividends, rents etc. Non-U.S. citizens are not taxed on capital gains unless the capital gains relates to conduct of a U.S. business or trade or relates to U.S. real property interest. There is no U.S. gift tax applied to gifts of intangible property by non-U.S. citizens or residents.

A new Foreign Grantor Trust can be established through PIL for the cost of $300. An additional document amendment fee of $25 will apply for existing trusts. These fees can be deducted directly from Trusts or mailed in with a Letter of Wishes requesting a FGT. The Trust documents will be reissued naming the foreign Settlor, and a Power Of Attorney will be provided to the member in order that the member may carry out activities in the name of the Trust.

*Materials condensed from "Offshore Asset Protection & Tax Planning Strategies" by Alan R.Eber, LL.M.

Disclaimer: PIL arranges foreign Settlor services. The member is responsible for and encouraged to seek the advice of Tax Planning professionals to determine whether this service meets his needs.

© 2001, Prosper Leverage




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Once you have completed the electronic On-Line Sign-Up,

Mail the Application (we recommend you Over-Night it) along with 

Your payment, to the address Below:

c/o 4270 Aloma Ave Suite # 124-66K
Winter Park FL 32792 USA

Phone: 407-679-2959 Email:


Isn't it about time, isn't it your turn?


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Conference Call Schedule Below:

Learn more about the Prosper Club
by attending one or more of our
live conference calls:

Monday through Friday
12:30 PM, 2 PM, 4:00 PM, 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM Eastern
12:30 PM and 2:00 PM Eastern
9:00 PM Eastern

For all calls dial: (512) 305-4600, access code 79899#

You can also get more information at the Prosper Central 24-hour Pre-recorded information line:
Call the Prosper Central phone line at: 212-461-2563

Press "1" to get to our presentations menu, then Press "2" to get a pre-recorded message about Prosper Club.

Look forward to working with you on our mutual Journey to Success!

Your Sponsors:     ID# 41828      Sponsors Name: John A. Reed 

Please feel free to email or phone me so that we can begin our

"Prosperous Journey Together"

(If you have any problems filling out the form, email me ASAP)

 (419) 522-7090  



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